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                Solutions for SYSPRO New Release

                            General Announcements

Handheld WMS on Android  
Cadacus, Inc. extends our 13+ years of taking the SYSPRO ERP system mobile with our Handheld Warehouse Management Solution for Android devices. Perform all the necessary warehouse functions, from shipping to receiving, and everything in between. Includes labeling and advanced license plating modules. Works on Android mobile computers from Zebra and others as well as tablets and phones.   Contact us for more information or a demonstration.


WANTED:   SYSPRO 8 Testers
We are in the final stages of testing our Cadacus SYSPRO 8-compatible release.  If a SYSPRO 8 upgrade project is in the works in your test environment, we are interested in coordinating testing.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


SYSPRO 7 Installation / Update
If SYSPRO 7 is being installed or updated, please click here to review important requirements that may impact the installation/update process.


General Enhancements and Corrections
Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld WMS solutions, and more. We have ​endeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please notify us.

Release Notes 
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Handheld WMS
  • Corrected result causing overages
  • Enhanced License Plating screen to split/merge "bin locations"
  • Updated the downloadable for the TC55 unit to address a device-specific issue
  • Updated better bin handling in the visual screens
  • Updated posting data error after completing input on "Sales Order Picking"
  • Enhanced License Plating screen to "create multiple" plates
  • Updated "Group" to the last check-in option
  • Updated label processing issues
  • Enhanced Stock Code Substitution to enable the "Start at" button
  • Enhanced "Consolidated Dispatch Invoice System" to generate "Lot Number" in the 810 export file
  • Enhanced inbound 856 to form a "receipt" in test mode
  • Updated to enable the 850 export to generate the "N104 ship-from country" to use the data source
  • Enhancement added to new ENT07 option (in the "Options 3" tab) of the 820 BAI Lockbox import
  • Updated to prevent the "ship date adjustments" (by location) from doubling
  • Updated 856 inbound to handle lot traceable with (or without) inspection
  • Updated Support installer issue to prevent directory duplication
  • Updated 850 to use the option to reverse the sign on the second tab of the allowance setup
  • Updated 855 to auto-generate upon import with "Billing" type
  • Updated 856 export to properly handle "Order Type Check" of "Billing"
  • Updated 810 invoice export translation to use "Multiple Dispatch Note" and "Invoice number" properly
  • Updated 940 export document to include more than two warehouse code digits
  • Updated Incoming Allowance Handling to include ten digits of the Warehouse code
  • Updated 850 import to "Override Ship-To Address" with EDI address
  • Updated 846 export to properly use the LIN Product Qualifier (short version)
  • Updated Acknowledgement Query to use the equivalent of the GS segment (the UNG)
  • Enhanced EDI exporting to enable a 3PL relationship by selecting inventory for inclusion "by warehouse"
  • Updated EDI XREF table entry program to prevent abnormal end of job
  • Enhanced 850 export to add option to use the PO line number to align with other examples
Shipping / Freight
  • UPS End-of-Day enhanced to recognize invalid characters
  • When editing a shipment, the "Tare" entry is not editable (like the "Pack" entry)
  • Prompted for an editing process to run eSignatures maintenance
  • Enhanced to validate an added "Cost-Required" option
  • Updated to match the dispatch at "Time of Shipment"-- both "Code" and "Description"
  • Enhanced to enable a "Signature Required" service to a shipment
  • Validate the quantities on "Lots On Hand" after a 2-D scan in the Shipping station
  • Updated to allow a Shipping/WMS System Setup for a CFF "Freight 4" tab for carton codes/dimensions
  • Updated the web interface to follow the "Rates" tab on the charge interface for selecting the rate to use when computing the charge and/or cost amount applied to the freight line on the sales order
  • Corrected inability to ship to an APO box
  • Prevent "End Shipment" if the orders on the shipment had been cancelled
  • Changes involve USPS Endicia international and weight parameters
Advanced Order Management (AOM)
  • Corrected allocation issue
Shipment Import
  • Enhanced to include various weights


Since 1991, as developer of the standard EDI, Shipping, and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO, our products are fully integrated with SYSPRO and drive efficiencies for hundreds of users worldwide.


For 35 years, SYSPRO has had a single product focus resulting in an award-winning ERP system with a track record of success for over 14,000 customers worldwide.