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Cadacus Support Library

Cadacus Support Library 

Released : September 17, 2020 

Prerequisite:  Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.5.2.  Most modern Microsoft servers and PC workstations maintain current versions of the .NET Frameworks, however, if there are questions as to which version of the .NET Frameworks is installed, please contact your local systems support for assistance. 

This is an installation program for the SYSPRO application server and/or the workstation where Cadacus solutions support libraries are needed for printing, scales, scripting and other interfaces.

To test the installation or to check the release level installed, find "CadacusDLLTest.exe" in the Programs directory where the Cadacus Support System is installed and run it (some tests require running "as administrator").  See example path and executable below-- please note the C: drive is not a requirement.  The date of the program release should display in the title bar as shown.

Support Library example



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