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Release Information

Station File
The station file was changed from an individual field type file to a block style. This will allow
for easier feature additions and more compatibility with the SYSPRO SQL migration utility. The first
time the Shipping Station Setup program is run the file will be converted.

Shipping System
Added option to set the order alternate key.

Label Printing
Added ability to use the "rawprint.exe" program for queuing labels instead of Winspool due to
issues using Winspool on 64 bit platforms.

810 Export
Added ability to send CAD at detail level

852 Import
Report codes are checked against REF/N9 information for report/extract.

850 Export
Added SCH Segment
Expanded TC202 width

Outbound Documents
Corrected problem when sending a document from a SCT.

Tax on Non-Stocked Lines
Corrected problem with the tax computation when a non-stocked is sent as a misc. charge.

New options for B2A Segment

New options for BCA segment dates

Corrected problem with scale interface under SYSPRO 6 Release 9

Outbound Customers Code
Corrected error in 12/10/2007 Release where the system would lookup the product code instead of
using the one on the order line.

Line Custom Form Fields
Expanded storing and retrieving of data to include use of the new Sales Order and Purchase Order
line custom form fields.

850 Import
Added REF option of "Price Code" to allow easy selection of price codes when sending 850's from one
SYSPRO company to another.

820 Import
Enhanced the information displayed to help verify long processing has not encountered problems.

FTP System
Added "Disable" option to communications path and enhanced FTP processing to ignore a FTP request on a
communications path if no server name is defined.

810 Export
The default value for TDS02 was the total merchandise amount.  On the selection screen this said it
was the amount subject to terms.  This worked but was not 100% correct. The old option has been changed
to "Merchandise Amount" and a new option to send the amount subject to terms discount per SYSPRO has
been added.

856 Export
Added option to force quantities to whole numbers. This is only a potential problem when using the shipping
system and order UOM is a fraction of the stocking UOM.

Dispatch Notes from Shipping System
Corrected price conversion error in Inventory movement when stocking UOM is not the sames as the order and price

850/875 Imports
Corrected issue with non-stocked discounts using wrong quantity when item quantity modified by document settings

850/875 Imports
Added option to discounts to allow importing chained discounts

812 Import
Document added to system.  Report of 812 information will be produced.

211 Outbound
Upgraded added to 211 document.

Inbound allowance
Correction of rate calculation when converting a percentage off to a non-stocked.

Pricing Conversions during imports
When checking pricing conversions if the alternate and other UOM are the same the system would
use the other uom for conversions.  This has been change to use the stocking, alternate and then
other UOMs in that order picking the first one that matches the UOM.

Sales Order Imports
Corrected problem with not recognizing the new currency based quantity break tables in Issue 10

Shipping System
Corrected problem when printing labels and/or packing slip on a re-opened shipment.

Label Reprint
Corrected problem with the header duplicating when creating CSV files.

Issue 10 SP1
This release supports Issue 10 SP1 and drops support for Issue 10 before SP1.  However, TPM in SP1 is not
support at this time.

Issue 9
Support for C-ISAM EDI/Shipping files on a SQL based system has been dropped.  Anyone using SQL with Issue 9 must convert
the EDI/Shipping tables to SQL.

Input Sort
Added append option for unknown document file.

Input Sort
Added option to ignore GS level when sorting to all documents.

GS Level on outgoing documents
Added ability to use a custom form field to hold a different GS partner ID.

G61 Segment
Corrected ability to use PER tab on address configuration to create a G61 segment.

Shipping System
Correct dropping of decimal part of quantity in movement records when creating dispatch notes.
Added additional checks on small carrier interfaces.

856 Export
Ability to send PRF at multiple levels

820 Import
Ability to strip a fixed number of characters or leading zeros

All Exports
Added option on product qualifier setup to skip the position if the information is blank.  Normally the
system will move the next information down instead of leaving a position blank.

850 Import
Added total weight check to suspend options.

810 Export
Modified handling of TXI01 codes for HST and GST for more clarity.
Added ability to send NTE on version 003070 and higher.

856 Export
Added ability to send 856 from status 4 orders

Corrected handling of Ship-via from Ship-To Cross-reference

Shipping System
MDN Trial Balance file updated properly
856 Export
Added additional options to MAN segments
Shipment Import
Added USER1 field to pack level.
UPS Interface
Modified UPS PLD upload to look for UPS Host Access program in "c:\program files\UPS Host Access".
The program must be installed and configured on each workstation that will transmit EOD.  No files
need to be copied from the UPS program to the SYSPRO base directory anymore.

850 Import
Added option to automatically run a 855 export after the import
Output Combine
Added option on 856 to block inclusion in output combine

940 Export
Added W201
Shipping System/FedEx
Corrected problem with costs multiplying
Export from Consolidated Dispatches
Corrected problem with system hanging/crashing

Packing Slip
Corrected missing tax amounts when using Order Ack.'s

Unified Release
Some program adjustments to registration, Partner copy, etc.

Unified Release
Released identical versions for Issue 8, 9 and 10

SQL EDI/Shipping Data
Released ability to maintain EDI/Shipping data in SQL tables

855 Export
Added ability to separate the PO102 and ACK02 quantities.

Alternate Key during Imports
Added option to set alternate key from a custom form field

Shipping System
Added option to have the shipping system display product images.

Pricing on Imports
Removed option to force pricing to use a specific price code.  This is now automatic if
a price code is filled in on the import setup or on the ship-to location cross-reference.
This allows the override option to be used for price comparisons if EDI pricing is selected.
Price code override added to 875 import.
Cumes Imports
Added option to check the cumes against movements. System will report if there is an overship
or undership status.  If the different exactly matches the first requested shipment, the
first shipment will be skipped.

BOL Printing
Corrected internal problem with properly summarize weights and volumes.
Added additional option to summarize weights and volumes while reading shipment to make sure
all totals match.

810 Imports
Corrected handling of partial GRN Matches.

DTM Exports
Opened up the ability to add days to any date while exporting.

Added "D" option in lookup codes to lookup inbound Description against
Stock code descriptions.

Corrected for "All" being default export style

850, 875 Imports
Added fixed custom form field ability to header area

810, 856 Export
Added option for verify that at least one UPC was sent

855 Export
Added support for ACK06

Shipping System
If the pack/tare Mark or tracking numbers are written to the sales order comments,
the pack/tare number has been shortened for readability.  It will automatically select a
reasonable number of digits to use.
UPS Carrier Insurance calculation has been corrected.
UPS Residential Air Surcharge has been corrected.

If incoming address lines exceed SYSPRO limit, warning will be printed.

For segments using custom form information, if there is a master account, the master account
will be checked if the sub-account information is missing or blank.
Custom Form option added for outgoing address Name and ID numbers.

Small Carrier Shipments
Corrected problem with Commercial vs Residential

210 Imports
System will calculate Discount and Due dates (only "days" method currently supported)

940 Export
Added G61 segment
Added weight and volume to W76

945 Import
W0603 will be default ship-date if not DTM segments.

Inbound Allowance Cross-Reference
Restored missing Invoice G/L and Type fields for A/P invoice importing.

855 Export
Corrected "Number of Decimals" option not storing correctly.

850 Import
Expanded quantity field on 850 detail line report option

Automated Exports
Corrected problem with 856 and DTP option

UPC Codes in Exports
Added ability to have separate UPC codes for different UOM. Default of not
requiring UOM entry in UPC/scan code table still applies.

Shipping System
Ability to generate VICS BOL number added

Shipping System
Corrected LBS comment for weight > 5 digits.

Shipping System
Corrected problem with auto function generating 153 error
DHL System approved by DHL
Added additional fields to Master BOL

856 Outbound
Added ability to consolodate by quantity and across multiple sales order lines.
Added ability to send single pack quantity in CLD02

Outgoing Tax
Corrected problem with tax on freight.

Outgoing 850
Added support for sending Supplier Code in REF02
Added support for sending Supplier Name in REF03

BOL Printing
Increase size of the shipment weight to 7 digits.  Current formats using this field will need
to be updated to correct the alignment.

Added support for LIN01
Added "ETI" comment code for TDT07:01, 02 and 03

Added support for reading full address in NAD segment.

Shipping System Starship Interface
Added e-mail address to interface

Shipping Labels
Added ECC Revision and Release

Scheduled Imports
Added option to store Confirmed/UnConfirmed code in sales order detail USER1 field.

LCT Import
Added option for shipment reference.
Added option to select date to use for due date
Added option to use transit days from route table to set due date.

Shipping System
Corrected problem with location number when using original address methods.

880 Export
Corrected problem using REF to fill in G2502/03

Input Sort
Corrected problem with searching sub-directories

Exports that allow sending backorder quantity (940, etc).
Corrected problem when sending the backorder quantity in the stocking UOM when the order is
written in a different UOM.

856 Export
Corrected problem with new S level SN1 sending all the time

830 Import
Added ability to read price from UIT segment.

856 Export
Added TD506 overrides for standard code and if partial shipment

DTM Exports
Corrected erronesous bad date message for ANSI version < 4010

856 Export
Added SN1 segment to shipment level
Added SN108 overrides for standard code and if partial shipment

Added UNA Segment
Extended UNB Segment
Added ability to increment UNH control number across transmissions.

860 Import
Added option to allow updates to status 4 orders.

FTP System
Added ability to change to Active mode for file transfers using SecureFTP.

880 Export
Added ability to send NTE segment
Corrected "Always" option on G2311

Shipping System
Added options to control availability of "Ship Selected", "Auto Ship" and "Auto Qty" separately

Shipping System
Release Master BOL with Word Printing capabilities
Added customer location to standard BOL

If a custom form field is specified on a REF or DTM cross-reference entry,
the information will be stored in the custom form field in addition to
whatever is done based on the translation indicator.

Date Exports
The DTM cross-reference has been reorganized.  A new field for "Shipping Days" has been added.
The number of days listed will be added to the ship date for an outgoing "Expected Arrival Date".  This
value can be overridden with a value in the Ship-via to SCAC or Shipping Locations cross-references.

Shipping System/FedEx
Added ability to interface with FSMS via server or client

856 Export
Allowed for no "O" level in sales order based exports

Corrected problem with output multiple REF segments with serial number information.

Corrected problem with multiple ECC parts.

Bill of Lading
Enhanced word BOL printing with summary lines after each section.
Added Additional fields and better control of customer address.

Shipping System
Added support for two user defined fields in the shipment summary.
Added a custom form setup for a station.  The information can be used on the BOL.
Added a custom form setup for a shipment.  The information can be used on the BOL.
Corrected a problem with the address verification not storing a changed address.  Also
added an abort button to the address verification screen.

Shipping System
Added support for asking for LOAD and SEAL numbers

856 Export
Corrected HL02 Problem when shipping some shipments with tares and some without.

810 Export
Corrected problem with recalculating prices when discounts included in line, but the discount is zero.

Shipping System
Major changes to shipping system database. Obsolete fields have been removed.  Some fields have moved from
one data file to another where they make more sense. New fields have been added.  The label address file has
been renamed and is now used by both the label system and the main shipping system.

856 Export
Added finer control of TD505.

850 Import
Added ability to suspend if invalid UOM found.

824 Import
Added handling of multiple TED/RED loops.

Small difference in discount handling could cause a penny difference in the discount rounding.  This has been
modified to better match SYSPRO's calculations.

Data Conversions
Removed all data conversions from before 4/1/2006 into a separate download.
The download must be installed and the conversions run as described on the
website before the latest release is installed.

880 Export
Added Zero Price and Zero Quantity Selections

875 Import
Corrected display error on date tab

UPS End of Day
Modified data file to handle roll-over of book numbers

Shipping System
Corrected problems with Freight costs and "No Charge" button
Added additional options to Word BOL Format
Added status 4 to status selection
Added option to store order weights in comments instead of shipment weight.
Added option to print packing slips after order comments have been written
Added option for adding packing slip "weight" to BOL.

Freight Calculation System
Added Damage Allowance to EDIFTS trigger.
Added Ship Value option to Pickup and Damage allowance

856 Export
Added Supplier and Product Class line filter.

870 Export
Added ability to control where PER segment is placed.

875 Import
Corrected problem with REF segment info being stored as comments.

850 Import
Added control of which address elements to load into comments.

Corrected Special Instructions field length.

Enabled the new "Tax Code" product qualifier

SAC Segment Exports
Added SAC14 "Option Number" and allowed for fixed information or the sending of
the SCAC, Tracking or PRO Number.

Date Exports
Added basic check of date for vailidity.  Warning will print if errors found.

Ship To's
Corrected problem when using the Drop-Ship overrides.

Added "Tax Code" to product qualifier options.  The Tax code on the order line
will be set to the data associated with this qualifier.

856 Export
Added ability (on HL Tab) to export separate "I" levels for each serial number attached to
a stock code.

875 Import
Matched warehouse options to 850 import.

Shipping System
Corrected problem with queueing labels when the local temp directory names has a space in it.
Shipping Charge X-ref
Corrected problem with radio buttons.

Shipping System
Order level packing slips can be printed after the shipment is complete instead of after the order is
Option on BOL setup to allow selection of BOL by customer using custom form field.
Option on BOL format to allow override of tariff codes.

Warehouse Selection on Imports
The warehouse by branch/state/stock code cross-reference now allows up to 10 warehouses to be listed.
The system will scan each warehouse listed until a valid warehouse record is found.
In addition a problem was fixed where the selection by state stopped working fully after the selection by stock code was added.

867 Inbound Report
Added the ability to quote a field

867 Import Report
First Release

856 Export
Corrected  TD1 Weight at shipment level

Version Number
Version number of all documents expanded to 12 characters to support the full ANSI version specifications.

Important Notice
This is the first release of the revised imports and label system as indicated in the 02/22/2006
information.  Systems should be backed up completely before installing this release or later and all
system checked to verify proper operation.

Bill of Lading
Imporved Word BOL to allow multiple sequences.  Also enabled order summary lines.
Corrected problem with word options not saving properly.

All Imports (Especially Blank Orders)
Program internals were reworked for better ability to process blank orders.
All imports should be checked to verify no problems have been introduced.

862 Import
Corrected and reinstated duplicate KANBAN/Trigger checking

Shipping System
Label database has been modified for more efficient storage of information.
Label Address system has been enhanced with the easy use of the address
cross-reference for sending address information to the labling system.  There is
no requirement to make any changes to existing setups.
DHL Implementation started.  DHL is not functional at this time.
Address Verification has new option to allow the operator to correct the ship-to address
in the shipping system.

880 Export
Corrected error with document tracking flag

856 Export
Corrected with TD1 would show at "O" level when not selected.

880 Export
Added "Enforce Document Tracking Option".

Corrected problem with Error/Warning Count.
Correct problem with emailing reports with errors.

ITD Segment
Added Terms Type and Basis override parameters to Ship-To Cross-Reference.

Allowed Ship-To Location modified REF option to work if REF before N1 segments

ORDERS Document
Added to system.  Update of EDI Translation file required.

Shipping System
Added option to ask if shipment should be closed after each order.
Added option to verify that customer codes match for multi-order shipments.
Added ability to create packs based on the entered pack count instead of actual

Label System
Made all label commands case-insensitive.

Shipping System
Corrected some label printing issues with using third party label apps

810 Export
Added ability to send customer code in BIG05

Shipping System
Major change to the handling of Pack level information.  Update should be tested to
verify pack lavel information entry correct.
Added ability to give the operator the ability to select between fix and entered quantities
for entered/scanned stock codes and UPCs.

Label System
Added ability for [IF] statements to be imbedded in other [IF] statements

Shipping System
Added Residential/Commercial Override capabilities
Added ability to send e-mail notifications from UPS and Fedex
Added ability to handle multiple UPS End-of-Day closes
Corrected problem when the same order number is entered into an existing shipment.  System will
ask what to do with the current information.
Added Dimensional Weight and Oversize calculations to Freight Calculator

810 Export
Added option to override default CTP02

880 Export
Added G61 segment
Added support for G2502/03 lookup via the REF cross-reference.

Shipping System Starship Interface
Added ability to process more packages in Starship then were processed in the shipping system.
Added the ability to block the contact and phone information from being passed to Starship.

855 Export
Document will not be sent if there are no detail lines to be sent.

850 Import
There is a new option to use the release number (BEG04) as the PO number instead of BEG03.

810 Export Setup
Browse Existing button would error if no partner selected.

File Viewer
Corrected printing problem with some files

Outgoing REF Segments
Added Master/Sub Store number to translation choices.

850 Import
Extanded Warehouse Selection Cross-reference to include stock code and enabled lookup by
stock code only.

856 Export
Corrected problem with new TD512 information

850 Import
Corrected problem picking up 2nd date on SCH segment.

E-Mail System
Added options to control if E-Mails are sent during normal and/or automatic sessions

870 Export
Corrected sending of PO101

875 Import
Added option to force use of Address cross-reference.

Shipping Labels
Corrected problem with missing tare labels when integrating with a labeling package via a CSV file.

Shipment Import
Import will about with error if overshipment found and not allowed.  If overshipments are allowed
then import will continue and warning will be printed.

Outgoing Addresses
Added options to indicate specifically where the country code is located in the address.
Added option to only output N3 een if more address information exists.
Added option to allow overriding the default system options of which address lines to ignore.

Outgoing GS segment
Allow manual setting of GS07

Calculated Case Count for outgoing documents
The system always assumed the alternate UOM was cases when calculating the number of cases for
an outgoing documents.  There is a new option on the General 2 tab of the main EDI setup that can
change this to indicate the stocking UOM is the case count.

Added option to main setup to turn off reporting of the transmissions control numbers

850 Import
Added support for 2nd date in SCH08/09

Incoming Address
System will check if there is enough room for all the address lines based on the address and city
settings.  If not the N2 information will be selectivly ignored.

856 Export
Added TD512

Service Charge Exports
Set system to pickup quantity from service charge

Inbound Allowance
Enable setup of permantant misc charge based on a percentage of the order value.

Output Combine
Added option to archive combined file after transmission via FTP

Starship Interface
Fixed Bill to Account to being sent to Starship

Outgoing address
Corrected sending of addresses with two character country codes.

Bill of Lading
Added Word Printing Ability - Will only work in Issue 9 Week 19 or higher

856 Outgoing
Added additional TD1 elements at the Item level

875 Inbound
Added option to select order date

Shipping System
Corrected problem analyzing Canadian addresses

Shipment Export
Corrected problem when exporting multiple orders from list side

810 Outbound
Added ability to send shipment number in BIG10

ITD Outbound Segments
Added ITD09 sending the due date and ITD10 sending the invoice amount.

G2311 Outgoing
Added option to send G2311 even if no terms discount

Outgoing PER segments after addresses
Added PER05/06 to PER tabe in outgoing address cross-reference.

850 Inbound
Added option to enter a BIG01 code. Orders with a matching code will be skipped.

Operator Intervention Screen
Added ability to display multiple PID description lines

Added option to send the raw data along with the report for Imports and Exports

SCAC Cross-Reference
Added new cross-reference of SCAC Information.  Moved SCAC entries from Carrier Information cross-reference.
Existing entries should be entered into new cross-reference.

Shipping System
Added option to enter SCAC information in shipping system. This can be done in addition to or independant
if the Ship-Via.

Outgoing documents
If SCAC is found on order.  The information from the Carrier x-ref will be used instead of the
information from the ship-via x-ref.

Shipping System
The shipping system will ignore sales order lines where the to-ship and backorder quantities are
both less then or equal to zero.

Reference and Date Comment Lines
Option added to main system setup to allow prefixing reference and date comment with the segment and
optionally the qualifier during imports.  The exports will strip the information off.

Inbound Terms
Added option to specify Terms code for sales orders in a inbound REF segment

KANBAN Processing
Removed the KANBAN/Triggger Duplicate checking from the 830/862/DELFOR and DELJIT Imports as they
were killing the system.  They will be reinstated after more testing.

EMail System
Corrected screenset problem with field access.
Added ability to specify separate e-mail code to receive email only of errors occured.

870 Export
Added PER Segment
Added ability to always send item level TD5
Changed ISR code when item is backordered and no ship quantity to "IN".
Corrected pickup of line numbers.

820 Import
If the system converts the invoice of reference number because SYSPRO is set for numeric invoice
numbers, then the original reference number will be shown is ().

Shipping Labels
Added UOM, AUOM and OUOM as tokens for the three Units of Measure on a stock code.

Sales Order Import Triggers
Moved the execution of the standard SYSPRO Order Added trigger to the end of the processing for a sales
order to match SYSPRO.  The three triggers; Order Header Updates, At End Order and Order Added will be
executed in that sequence after the sales order has been written to SYSPRO.

880 Export
Added ability to control G3102.
Added Volume (G3105/06)
Added 3 additional address codes
Added Order Value to import report.

Allowance Importing
Setup Options tab on inbound Allowance cross-reference.
Clarified option to reverse percent.  This option is for if they send 97 for the percent instead of 3.
When the option is checked the percentage in the import is subtracted from 100.
Added options to reverse the sign on the inbound allowance amount, rate or percentage.
When storing a allowance/charge as a Stocked or Non-Stocked part if the price calculates to be negative
the system will store it as a positive price and reverse the sign on the quantity.

Shipping System
If the system flag to log order line cancellations is set, then backorder cancellations will be logged.
A default reason code for the backorder cancellations has been added to the station setup.
A new Kill/Fill system has been established.  This system will allow backordered lines to be selectivly killed
killed from sales order.  In order to use it all customers must be setup to allow backorder.  Therefore,
a new custom form field can be added to the customer records to indicate a default cancellation reason code.
The name of the custom form field is stored against the station setup. If this code is established then the
system will default to cancelling any backorder lines when the sales order is updated after a shipment.  If the code is
blank (or equal to the "No Kill" code described below) the backorders will remain.  There is a system of
overrides using the order line user defined field.  A "Kill" and a "No Kill" code can be established in the
station setup.  If the customer is setup to generally allow backorders, but the user defined field has the
"Kill" code then the line will be killed.  If the customer is setup to not allow backorder, but the user
defined field has the "No Kill" code in it then the backorder will be retained.  As an option, the "Kill"
code can be entered as an "*" in the station setup.  This indicates that any valid reason code can be
used in the user defined field.  If the user defined field is filled in, the code will be used in the
cancellation table. Note: The user defined field is only 4 characters long, reason codes are 6 characters long,
therefore you must restrict your reason codes to 4 characters.

810 Export
Added 3 additional address codes

850 Import
Improved handling of SCH and Scheduled Orders
Added option to force credit authority only if suspense is due to credit check.

Bill of Lading
Sequencing/Summarizing by Sales Order is now an option.
Added Sales Order number to detail

Added system option to allow importing of country codes.
Country codes may be converted to country names if "Address Information Verification"
cross-reference has been imported.

850 Imports
Added option to not load a address to the comment lines if the same address is used to select the
ship to address.

860 Import
Corrected problem with finding correct order to cancel.
Corrected problem with inventory allocations.

870 Export
Corrected problem with maintenance program crashing
Corrected problems with REF and CTT when reading from order change information

856 Export
Enabled reading of tracking numbers from shipment database for use in REF segments
Enabled multiple tracking numbers in REF segments

945 Import
Corrected A/R account not being written to shipment database

All Documents
Added ability to control ANSI X.12 ISA and GS Segment information per document.
For inbound documents this is used for the input sort routine.  For outbound documents
it will be used in the actual segments.  The same setup tab is used for all documents. The
"Next Control" number information is not used for inbound documents.

997 Inbound
Added ability to ignore the GS segment for 997s.

997 Outbound
Added ability to move the GS information from the input document to the output document.

Added ability to use a SMTP server instead of outlook for e-mailing

Document Setup
Added "Browse Existing" button to all document setups

FTP System
Added option to specify ASCII or Binary transfers

940 Export
Expanded to 5 G62 Date segments

Inbound Addresses
Added option to save addresses as upper case
Added option to store city and zip on separate lines unless there are multiple address

Modified code to handle multiple LIN segments with the same stock code and different triggers.

875 Import
Correct erroneous warning regarding shipment quantity variance

Imports/Sales Analysis
Added the operator code to the Sales Analysis record

856 Export
Added option to allow BSN01 selection at runtime

Shipping System
Corrected "Carrier account" error always popping up.

870 Export
Added options to control ISR segment information
Corrected HL02
Corrected selection of zero price and/or quantity lines

Batch Shipping
Correct ship date parameter

850, 830, 862 Imports
Added ability to load service charges attached to a stock code.

850 Imports
Added option on REF Comment area to load REF Comment lines after the N1 segment

Input Sort
Correct problem with Output Combine not be called for all communications paths to send 997's

856 Export
Corrected problem with clearing DTP file

Shipping Stations
Added ability to password protect stations. Passwords are stored in the standard SYSPRO password
tables and so will NOT copy with the station data file.

856 Export
Added REF to Tare level
Added additional LIN qualifiers and setup ability to specify what level each qualifier
is required at

Outgoing Product Qualifiers
The "--" (two dashes) qualifers has been available to skip a qualifer pair in a outgoing
LIN, PO1 or IT1 segment.  You can now use "-1", "-2", etc. to indicate to skip 1, skip 2, etc.
pairs.  This allows for exact placement of the items when the partner requires it.

860 Import
Added "PR" as a recognized POC code for a price change.

820 Import
Added option to post all checks to the same journal.

880 Export
Added fields for G0108

Import Pricing
Added price code selection to Ship-To Location Cross-Reference

Shipping System
When the Tare count and Weight is requested in the shipping summary and there is a
pallet weight in the station setup.  The new shipment weight will be recalculated if the save
button is clicked after the tare count is entered even if CR or TAB is not pressed.  The weight
will NOT be recalculated if the weight is changed manually at all.

Added call to "Order Released" trigger if order is set to status 8.

Discount Exports
Modified discount calculation to correct rounding difference with SYSPRO calculations.

820 Import
Added option to able reversing of the ADX segment value.

875 Imports
Modified handling of G72 rate element

880 Export
Corrected handling of G72 rate elements

Outgoing Allowance Cross-reference
Added ability to control sign of rate

Shipping System
Added ability to write volume comment

850 Imports
Added option to use A/R Ship-Via as Alternate Key

Corrected problem in EDILabelMaster Table and posted new UDD.

Shipping System
Corrected errors on providing some information to label system
Corrected display of old BOL and PRO number when re-opening a shipment

Shipment Import
Corrected some fields not appearing on labels.

Shipment Labels
Corrected error on website field "UCCHECK" should be "UCCCHECK".

Ship Via to SCAC Cross-Reference
Added Carrier ID field for TD503 Element.
Expansion of database required.

856 Export
Added option to send Carrier ID from Cross-reference as TD503.

Shipping System
Additional corrections for the handling of the Parent level of kits
Alternate Key check added to order selection

Added ability to turn off A/R EDI Sender Code lookup

850 Import
Added ability to require the location be in one of the cross-references to select the A/R account

Shipping System
Corrected problem with kits marked to be handled at the component level
not updating parent part properly and the parent part not be created on dispatch notes.
Note: If the kits are set to operate at the Parent level, the component lines will not be
written to a created dispatch note.
Correct problem with "to ship" quantity in bottom display being incorrectly changed.

Shipping System
Correct problem with freight not displaying/updating correctly.

856 Export
Major change to MAN segment default value handling for both MAN02 and MAN05.
Added options to disable comment line and Dimension Cross-Reference lookup for PO4.

Bill of Lading
Corrected use of warehouse address as bill-to from Special Instructions Cross-reference

850 Imports - ECC
Option added to select ECC handling. ECC allocations properly done when ship quantity allocated.

Bill of Lading
Added Volume to detail and totals

Input Sort
Added check to verify an 997 file does not match the document file.
Changed error handling on document files to report error instead of presents standard file error.

Corrected problem with imports/exports not exiting and Sort/Combine always exiting.

Product Qualifiers
Added option to strip leading zeros on imports.

852 Import
Added option to output header line to text file

Shipping System
Corrected problem with Dispatch notes being disconnected from original sales order line.

810 Export
Added Volume to ISS.  Cleaned up ISS screen.

856 Export
Added BSN07 static field.
Added ability to send the release number in PRF07.

880 Export
For version 4060 and beyond the G27 segment was changed to a CAD segment. Program and setup screen
was modified to reflect this.

850/867 Imports
Added ability to force status to 8.
Added ability to use a fixed price code.
Added ability to use a fixed extended tax code for ship-to address.
Added ability to set the orders to "Billings".
Added ability to ignore lines with a zero order quantity

867 Import
System will ignore MEA segments.

Shipping Labels
Corrected problems with length attribute with Bartender Interface.  Also modified
interface to allow multiple tokens in a Bartender field if the <> are used.

E-Mail System
Added option to surpress e-mail on exports if no document is exported and there are no errors or

Added "NRINA" option (No Report if no activity) to tell the system not to email or print the report
if no documents are exported and there are no errors or warnings.  (Only for Exports).

Shipping System
Corrected problem with printing all the header comment lines.
Corrected problem with BOL and PRO numbers on labels.

Input Sort
Corrected potential problem if only one communications path.

943 Outbound
Added document tracking for Purchase Orders

File Names
Corrected problem with <UNIQUE> tag on archive files.

Shipping System
Correction of bugs

856 Export
Corrected problem with multiple tracking numbers for MAN Tracking segments

Shipping System
Corrected bug introduced in 3/10 Version

945 Import
Added support for total shipment weight in W0302.

832 Export
Correct problem with options on CTB segment.
Added option to specify G3219 (Note: G3218 is always a "1" at this time).

Outgoing Addresses
Corrected two separate problems that could cause an outgoing document to lock up during export of an

Vendor PO
Added options to what is used for the SYSPRO PO number and added ability to select option
from EDI system setup screen.

Misc. Charge Exports
Corrected error when forcing all Misc. Charge lines to the Order level.

Added ability to use the Distribution warehouse defined for a stock code as the warehouse.

850 Import
Prevented the writing of the "LIN" comment if no line numbers are found.
Removed requirement that PER information be reported or stored for information to
be saved to custom form fields.

Shipping System
The capturing of both tare and pack information can now be turned on or off within the
station maintenance.
Tare and Pack numbers are not assigned until the first item is placed.  The status screen
will show a "-" if a tare or pack has not been started.

Import/Export Screens
Added display of partner name to screen.

IMPAUT Processing
Corrected problem with specifiy start/end invoice numbers when reading reprint files.

856 Export
Added MAN Segments at order level containing package tracking information.

Shipping System
Added ability to enter/modify special instructions field in shipment summary.
Added ability to turn on/off PRO Number, Trailer and Appointment entries in shipment summary.
Appointment number now stored on shipment master record.

Bill of Lading
Trailer and Appointment number added

945/856 Imports
Added option to update the DTP table if a shipment is created.

997 Export
Added ability to use version and other information from inbound ISA and GS.

940 Export
Added support for W0103 and W0115/16.  Also added "required" flags.

Corrected error where having no discounts generates an error about missing discount codes.

Added options for action of "X" button.

Shipping System
Modified how comments are written.  Tracking information now writted to all orders and end of

Added option to control if triggers activate when using IMPAUT.

855 Export
Added option to remove lines with zero quantity.

Custom Forms
Corrected error in routines that could cause system to lockup.

850 Import
Added support for PER07/08.

Batch Shipping
Corrected array overrun

E-Mailing of Reports
Added option to stop the printing of reports that have been e-mailed.

Miscellaneous Charge Export
* IMPORTANT * This area has undergone a major update - Anyone exporting miscellaneous charges must
check the exports for correctness after this update!
The miscellaneous charge handling has been reworked for completeness and efficiency.  Miscellaneous
charges are handled via a three step system to determine if they belong at the header level or the detail
level of the exported document.
If the charge is before any stock lines it is assumed to be a header level charge.  If it is after a
stock line it is initially assumed to be associated with the previous stock code.
The question on the 810 and 880 export documents discounts tab regarding miscellaneous charge handling
is then checked.  If the charge was assumed to be header level and only line charges are allowed an
error is generated.  If the charge was assumed to be detail level and only order level charges are
allowed then the charge is elevated to the header level.
The outgoing allowance and change reference is then checked for a coded record using the product class as the code.
If the options on the cross-reference record show this product class is for detail use only and the
charge was assumed to be at the header level then an error is generated.  If the record shows the
product class is for header use only and the assumption was for detail use then the charge is elevated
to the header record.
An error has been added to the system to indicate if not all charges get exported due to errors.

997 Archiving
The 997 export will not archive the file it reads to create the exported 997. As this file is
technically an import file there is a conflict with the 997 import report.  Therefore in the
archive the files will be labeled with the document "997-I" for the import report and "997-E" for
the import file to the export.  The exported 997 is archived will still show "997" as the document.

Ship-Via X-Ref
Correct browse on trading partner

850 Import
If SDQ with duplicate location is received the quantities will be added together.

860 Import
Added ability to cancel order
Matched SDQ handling to 850.

852 Import
Corrected "GS" code to be the Group Control Number.  Added "GD" for the Group Control Date

Shipping System
Added additional display options
Added address verification window with state check.
Added option to allow operator to cancel freight charge for a shipment.

945 Import
Added option to match a product qualifier with the W1206 field for parsing.
Enabled use of W1205 Unit of measure

945/856 Import
Check UOM against Stocking UOM if Order and Stocking UOM different and convert information so ship
quantity is properly updated.

824 Import
Added support for RED segment.

850 Import
Reversed this change - "If using a account prefix, the EDI location code will not be checked directly against the A/R accounts."

832 Export
Added options to G5515

Dimensions Cross-Reference
Updated structure to allow 2 decimals in some fields.

856 Export
PO403 will use Dimensions cross-reference information if availablet

850 Import
If using a account prefix, the EDI location code will not be checked directly against the A/R accounts.

820 Import
Addded ability to exclude credits and debits from matching process.

852 Import
Major change to internal operations. Allowed for grouping of sequential LIN segments with the
same item code.  Allowed for handling multiple information with different pricing in a CTP segment.
Added ability to configure how dates are displayed.
Added ability to output CTP price.

880 Outbound
Corrected production of error when G1704 missing.  Added "Required" options to G17 qualifiers.

Added ability to disable standard triggers when performing EDI imports/exports.  EDI
Triggers will still execute.

Station Maintenance
Corrected Packing Slip option to include comments on packing slip.

Bill of Lading
Added Inventory User Defined Fields to detail options

850 Import
Changed use of Bill-To N1 code to eliminate x-ref requirement
Added options to control if Ship-To and/or Bill-To location codes are stripped

820/862 Exports
Corrected error with CTT information

When saving the order type as a comment the order type x-ref will be checked

810 Export
Enhanced BIG08 to allow lookup of OTYPE comment. Order Type x-ref will be checked
for conversions.

Shipping System
Corrected error in carton fill routine

856 Export
Added option to send the pack level HL segment with a "T" instead of the normal "P".

855 Export
Allow option of exporting orders at status 8

Added Contract price type of cost +

Shipping Labels
Added IFLEN Length test
Added ALPHA option to VAR command to force Alphanumeric processing

Token Processing
Added RIGHT=x comment to take x characters from the right

Corrected addition of multiple discounts.

850 Import PER Handling
If the PER01 or 03 qualifier is setup in the cross-reference as a custom form field then the
PER information will be stored in that custom field.

810 Export PER Handling
The PER address will check if the PER page is filled in and use this information instead of the older

832 Export
Correct error in G39 Setup and output

CTP Segment Imports
Recognize RTL as a retail price flag

Shipping System
Added ability to update line shipdate with ship date

855 Outbound
Added option to PO101 line number selection

Cumes Calculations
Corrected major errors in the SQL version of the Cumes calculations

Shipping System
Modified Carton Fill to take sales order UOM into account.

810 Outbound
Added option to IT101 line number selection

856 Outbound
Correct problem if only Shipment and Item levels requested.

Shipment Import
Allow for auto-assignment of pack and tare numbers

Palm Shipping
Modification to handling of Master Packs and Master Tares.  When a master is scanned current
tare/pack will be closed and the Master will form a separate tare/pack.
The system also will not open a tare or pack until required. If no tare/pack is open this will
be reflected in the header information by a "-" in the tare or pack number.  The header information
is now displayed as <Current>/<Highest> for the tares and packs where <current> is the current open
tare or pack (or "-") and <Highest> is the total tares or packs.  Master packs are not currently
counted in the total.
Moved handheld setup to cross-references to allow for default setups, groups setups and individual
handheld setups.
Added ability to select to require only tare or only pack information during entry.

856/945 Import
If setting the order status to 8, the system will move the delivery note to the invoice number if the option is
enabled in syspro.

Bill of Lading
Corrected error with sales order comment positioning

Shipping System
Expanded where carton code for carton fill can be stored

ISA Outgoing Segment
Corrected sub-element separator output

Bill of Lading
Corrected calculation of alternate and other UOM quantities
Added pallet weight (empty) to totals section

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
Added options in UPC and Product Qualifier cross-references for this UPC Style

Corrected problem of exports running in test mode due to import test mode flag being set.

Added numerous options

Bill of Lading
Added totals for additional unit of measures
Added ability to print Sales Order header comments.

856 Outgoing
Trailer number can be pulled from shipment database.

Palm Shipping
Renamed to Handheld shipping becuase of future release of PocketPC version
Added ability to group handhelds and configure each handheld individualy or by group.

Shipping System Labels
Enhanced handling of comment information transferred to labels to handle both line and order
comments.  When looking for information in a coded comment line, the system will first look
for a comment line attached to the first stock line on the label.  If it can not find one, it
will look for a comment at the begining of the order or one at the end of the order that is not
attached to a stock line.

File Reindex
Corrected definition of Ship-To Location Table

Shipping Label Reprint
Added option to override original label control file

997 Outbound
Corrected for duplicate ISA control numbers

Outbound Expected Arrival Date
Modified to take factory calender into account

Bill of Lading
Added ability to name each BOL format.
Added ability to print multiple copies with option in station setup.

Outgoing Order Selections
Enhanced Ship-To Location lookup for outgoing addresses to allow for multiple
partners linked to the same A/R account.

830/862 Exports
Corrected summation problems when reading purchase orders.
Corrected order status selection on document setup.

820 Import
Enhanced report information

SDQ Imports
Corrected error in recent fix for duplicate PO checks

Shipping System
Correction on duplicate comments moved to dispatch notes

Allowance/Charge Exports
Added option in Cross-reference to send zero value segments

867 Import
Initial release of import.  Imports the transfer report as a sales order.

Ship-To Location Cross-Reference
Corrected Warehouse browse

Warehouse Selection Cross-Reference
Corrected browses

943 Export
Added G62 segment support

810 Export
Added ability to send release number ("RN" Comment) instead of purchase order number in BIG04.

855 Export
Added PO105

856 Export
Added ability to not send BSN04
Added TD101 for Item level

210 Import
Beta version released for testing

856 Export
Added support for LIN/SN1 at pack level. Split up the configuration of the LIN/SN1 to allow more
flexability. Anyone outputing the LIN/SN1 at the Order level without the Item level should verify
output is correct.

Duplicate PO Checking
Corrected error which would cause duplicate PO's to be missed if import file uses SDQ Segments

856 Export
Added CTT03/04 and CTT05/06

Shipping System
Corrected Tare/Pack counts on Bill of Lading when overridden in shipment summary.
Corrected shipment weight not zeroing properly in sum situations.
Corrected shipment summary crashing if tare but not weight requested.

855 Export
Added PID02 Override
Added product qualifiers for ACK7/8, 9/10 and 11/12

810 Export
Added CTT03/04 and CTT05/06

Corrected file appending not working

856 Export
Added option to use shipped quantity for PO401

Added Error/Warning message for stock codes on Full/Partial Hold.  Added option to suspend orders
if full and or partial holds found.
Added additional support for TPM or trigger programs adding lines to the sales order during import

Shipping System
Corrected crash while trying to parse addresses if last line of address is long.

Palm System
Added ability to specify button mapping.

Discount Importing
Added option to Inbound Allowance to request the system switch percentage multipliers to discounts.
In other words if the percentage sent is 45%, but this is really 55% off, the adjustment will be made)

Input Sort
Increase internal directory search allowance.  The old limit was 100, the new 500.  Also, added
warnings if the limit is reached to prevent the program from crashing.

Bill of Lading
Added Bill-To address to header information.

Added A/R Contact and Phone number to token list

820 Import
Added corrective measures for lockbox imports to better discern if net or gross amounts are being
Enhancement auto-application of terms discounts.
Corrected problem when import is performed in one month and posted in another.  Journals will
post in the current A/R month at the time of posting.

880 Document Setup
Enhanced G62 entry page, moved several items to new pages to make more sense.

REF Cross-Reference
Created separate tabs for import vs export options.
Added option on import to prevent overwriting of existing information.  Normally if two
REF qualifiers are set to the same translation option, the last information read will be used.  This
option would cause the first information found to be used.

Schedule Importing
Changed handling of current lines in the document.  The old option on Schedules Page 1 called "Update
Order" has been moved to Schedules Page 3 and renamed "Retain Order lines after last date in document".
The old options to "Preserve lines before first date in document" has been split to "Remove Order lines
before first date in document" and "Retain if "To Ship" is non-zero". It was found that the answers
to this option were backwards to how they read on the screen. A new option has been added to
force the retention of lines whose ship date is within "x" number of days before today.
For 830/DELFOR's the default is to remove lines earlier and after then those in the document.  For
862/DELJIT lines before and after are retaining and only lines within the date range of those in the
document are replaced.  The revamped options allow you to override these defaults.
NOTE: Anyone using 830/862/DELFOR/DELJIT should check the setups and verify proper operation of the new

Added option to purge old lines when the BGM04 triggers the system to append to the current order. The
number of days to retain lines is entered and when the BGM04 sets the system to append any lines with a
ship date older then the specific number of days will be removed.

Shipping System
Correct reversal of dispatched non-stocked items

Outgoing Tracking Number
Added check for both unattached and attached comment lines

Outgoing REF qualifiers
Added option to check for both unattached and attached comment lines

Outgoing Addresses
Added Sub-Account Store option for "Name" (N102) output

TD505 exports
Added option to output A/R EDI Senders Code

Shipping System
Added warehouse to order display
Set Ship date to always display
Corrected dispatching of non-stocked lines

Import Reports
Added option of printing stock code summary report directly after each PO is imported.

832 Export
Corrected problem with source selection not re-displaying properly

Shipping System
Corrected problem with UOM Converstions in Dispatch notes (only occured if order UOM didn't match
stocking UOM and dispatch note line numbers didn't match the sales order line numbers).
Improved handling of when pack summary screen is displayed.
Improved handling of when weight is requested.

UOM Cross-Reference
Added optional Stock Code to key.

Inbound Allowances
Corrected error in handling negative percentages
Added additional options to cross-reference to match option in 850 document setup

VIA Comment handling
Corrected handling of "VIA" ship-via comment when not using coded ship-via's

Outgoing REF Segments
Added option to treat information as numeric.  This will strip leading zeros and any
zeros after a decimal point.

Correct problem opening a file without CR/LF's if file doesn't exist and default append is yes.

PO Receipts
Add handling of FIFO and LIFO costing on PO Receipts.

PRO Number on Exports
Corrected program confusion on exporting a tracking number as the PRO number.  If this option
is in use, please verify settings.

Address on Exports
Cleaned up the parsing of addresses for zip code, state and city.  Corrected error when exporting
from comment lines.

852 Import
Correct crash if "PD" option selected for output and no dates sent on ZA segment.

870 Export
Corrected problems with detail lines not exporting from the reprint file.

830 Import
Setup to ignore CUR segments

Corrected problems if the same file is archive twice on the same day.  Also, corrected
new date sequencing information in records.

Shipment Import
Corrected problem with tares.

Shipping System
Corrected rounded error on order to stocking quantities.
Added option to inform system the order quantities are always whole numbers.  This will
allow the system to correct for rounding problems because of the order to stocking to order UOM
conversions done internally.
Corrected short shipment display to display in the UOM selected.
Corrected error in label cross-reference lookup that could cause Tare level information to not be
read correctly if a label entry is specifically used for a tare label.
Added ability to request the operator to enter the number of packs (cartons) on a tare (pallet).
Corrected pack count entry at the shipment level if shipment information asked at the begginning.

856 Export
Added option to allow the Tare level to be sent as if it were a Pack level.

830/862/DELJIT/DELFOR mports
Corrected error with unopen EDISDX file introduced with changes to summary reports.  Error only
occured if detail stock information was being exported.

Shipping System
Added "Carton Fill" option to the auto-processing.  This is being tested and should not be
used.  More information will be provided after testing.

Label System
Enhanced [BARTENDER] command to allow "VISIBLE", "STATUS" and/or "DIALOG" as an option.
"VISIBLE" will show the Bartender label during printing.
"STATUS" will enable the Bartender status box during printing.
"DIALOG" will enable the Bartender print dialog box before printing.
Multiple of the above options may be specified by using more then one [BARTENDER] command
in the file with one option per line.  These options are not compatible with the CLIPBOARD or
exporting to a bitmap options.

FTP System
Corrected problem when local temp path has a space in it.  Also enhanced EDIFTP test system.

Import Report
Modified 850 options to separate Stock Code summary and PO Summary report options.  Added option
for insert page break after each PO.

Shipping Station Maintenance
Added browse on label address codes

Imports and Exports
Added "Stop Processing" button to allow processing to be halted.

Shipping System
Added ability to browse on EDI Ship-Via cross-reference in shipment information screen if using
free form ship-via's.
Removed non-working "Read Scale" button from Shipment information screen.

Archive System
Corrected error introduced in 8/27/2004 which prevented files from archiving in some situations

Archive Viewer
Added indexes to EDIARC to allow sorting the archived by by newest or oldest.  Changed default to
newest files first. Conversion of EDIARC database is performed automatically.

Outgoing Product Qualifiers
Corrected use of Custom Form Fields for outgoing documents

Shipping System
Corrected ability to enter numeric dispatch numbers without the leading zeros.
Added "End of Order" trigger.

Label System
Added "[COUNT] label-count" command to control label counts.  You may use a token for the label

ERROR on Outgoing Misc Charges
The update to the comment processing on 8/13/2004 broke the handling of misc. charges.  This release
corrects the error.

E-Mailing Reports
Corrected MAPI error that occurs if there is a space in the workstation IMPTMP path.

Ship-To Location Conversion
Corrected problem where the ship-to location file would be wiped out if an old EDIXLS file

850 Exports
Added ability to select Local or Foreign pricing when exporting from purchase orders.

Shipping Labels
Added ability to trigger the Bartender ActiveX interface directly from the Label Cross-Reference. Enter
the workstation path to the label to print in the file name field and mark the Bartender radio button.
The Bartender ActiveX interface will be called directly with no need for a Label Control File.

830/862 Exports
Added support for exporting from either Purchase orders or Blanket PO's.

Shipping Labels
Added [INCLUDE] command to allow inclusion of template files into a label control file.
Added [SWITCH] commands to allow switching to a different label control file.
Added [STOP] to force the label system to stop reading the label control files.  The [END] command
in an included file will return to the previous file that was being read.  The [STOP] command in an
included file will not return to the previous file.
Added DISPATCH token to print dispatch note number.
Added ability to include the label tokens in the label file name in the cross-reference.  If you wanted
to use a different label control file for each station you could setup the filename in the cross-reference
as "label<STATION>.txt" and the <STATION> token will be replaced with the station code before the label
program attempts to open the file.  Any of the label tokens can be used.

856 Import
Allowed specfication of overshipment allowance.

940 N401
Corrected size of input field to 30 characters

856 MAN Segment
Added ability to send pallet number in MAN02 when sending from shipping database.  Enter a "W"
in the MAN01 code of the setup.

Ship-To Locations Outgoing Ship-Via
Added a fixed ship-via to the outgoing tab of the ship-to locations cross reference. A value entered
here will always be used as the ship-via for any outgoing documents.

REF Notes
Added ability to handle inbound REF segments marked as a "Note".  This is similar to the
comment options, but the
storing of the information is handled in the same way as NTE or MSG segments.

Shipment Export
Corrected problem exporting multiple single shipments.

Comment Reading
The system has been modified in how it reads comments.  The system generally associates comments
before any stock lines are general comments and any comments after a stock line as specific to that
stock code whether or not they are actually attached to the line.  Comments at the end of the order
were deemed to be both general and specific to the last
line.  The system has been changed so that lines at the end of the order that are attached to the last
line are specific to that line.  If a comment at the end of the order is not attached to a stock line it
can be used as a general comment or as a specific comment to the last stock line.

REF Segments
A new option has been added to allow multiple REF segments to be exported from multiple
comment lines.

Batch Shipping System
Corrected problem with label printing
Enhanced user interface

AVP Tax System
Added ability for imports to select proper tax code.  AVP Description in tax table must
be <city> or <city,county>.  If the city can not be match a warning will be printed.

850 Inbound
Added ability to specify drop shipment BEG02 Qualifier

Shipment Export
Corrected problem with exporting lines with zero quantity to ship.

Partner Maintenance
Correct return from A/R or A/P browse if nothing selected
Removed browse for Master Trading Partner. It is not possible to browse here
as it would require the currently running program to be invoked with is not

856 Export
Corrected error on BL Selection
Corrected missing BSN06 setup.

File Browse to change export file name has been enhanced to default to the correct

File Browse to change export file name has been enhanced to default to the correct
Display debug information has been added under options.  This should only be used when requested
by technical support.

880 BL Number
Added "Dispatch Note Number" to options.

REF Cross-Reference
Added "Dispatch Note Number" to options.

820 Import
Enhanced Gross/Net/Discounts system to make more guesses when
information isn't quite correct

Payment Maintenance
Adding new options for verifying short/overs and modifying discounts.
Changes need work, but system is usable.

PID Cross-Reference
Added Custom form capability for outbound PID segments

832 Outbound
Cleanup REF page and added 2 additional qualifiers
Added 832 to journal system and corrected calling of trigger
Expanded G39 segment information.  The system pulls most of this
information from the "Stock Code/Carton/Pallet" Cross-Reference.

Carton/Pallet Cross-Reference
Renamed to "Stock Code/Carton/Pallet"

Inbound Ship-Via
Extended size of allowable inbound ship-via information to match x-ref.

Shipping System
Corrected improper updating of orders status of aborted orders in shipping system.

File Tokens
Corrected problem with <UNIQUE> file token usage.

Document Deletion
Added confirmation to deletion of document records.

Inbound PER Segment
Modified PER comment lines to match REF comments.

Ship-To X-Ref
Added "Start at" to Ship-To Locations X-REF.

LOC Comment
Modified reading of "LOC" comment to handle spaces in location number. Problem
would occur if space is 3rd character.

810 Outbound
ISS02 All UOM selection go through x-ref conversions now.

Inbound Ship-Via X-Ref
Corrected error recognizing coded ship-via setting

855 Inbound
Added option as to if PO Line dates are checked when selecting PO line to update.

Automatic E-Mailing of Reports
There are two new cross-references "E-Mail Configurations" and "E-Mail Routing"
The E-Mail Configuration cross-reference allows you to enter a set of e-mail
addresses to send reports to.  You assign a 1-10 character code as a reference
to the configuration.
The E-Mail Routing x-ref allows you to associate a e-mail configuration with an
Import or Export in the system.  You can setup a very universal setup or drill
down to a single document.
After an Import, Export, Input Sort or Output Combine is run, the e-mail routing
x-ref is checked for matching records.  If one is found, the report will be sent.

Line ship dates and line ship-tos
If there are DTM segments at the detail level and a line ship-to, the ship date
in the header will be based on the detail DTM of the first item on an order.

Enhanced PO4 export
When a PO4 is received there is an option to save the information
to a comment line as "PACK <PO401> <PO402>".  The PO4 export will read this line if
it exists and use the information.  Thereby making the outgoing PO4 identical to the
incoming PO4.

856, Shipping System, Invoice Numbers
Corrected storage of invoice numbers in the
shipping database while running a 856.  The invoice number is stored if the 856
requires it so that it can insure the same invoice number is used if the document
is exported again at a latter time.

Comment information to labels in Shipping System
The ability to move information
from sales order comment lines to labels was restructured to handle some
additional situations properly.

850 Import
Added ability to report/store information from a "SI" segment

850 Import
Added ability to choose which PO3 to pull information from if
      multiple PO3 in import file.

856 Export
Ability to send SN104 or SN105/06 in order UOM even if SN102 UOM is
      different added.

Address Exports
Corrected problem with sending 3 character country codes.  Also,
      added ability to force the country code to a specific value.

Shipping system
Corrected problem where system would not properly read the
      UPC/Scan code X-ref on the 2nd order of a shipment.

850 Import
Added BEG02 code "DR" in addition to the "DS" code to signal a
      drop shipment.

Shipping system
Corrected problem where labels would print for an "Aborted" order

Added ability to change directory during FTP process when using Microsoft FTP.

820 Imports
Revised system to use new key on invoice file instead of creating
      it's own index.  Index file still created if using BOL for comparison.

A/R Payments Maintenance
      Added option to block processing of payments with unmatched amounts.

A/R Payment Import
        Added check if missing or invalid A/R account for unmatched _CRD invoice.
        If no branch is selected during 820 import.  Customer branch will be used.
        Local Payment value on Payments History filled in.

REF Cross-Reference
Cleaned up translation options to make clear separation
     between Sales order Information and Purchase Order Information.
      Renamed "SYSPRO Order Number" to "Sales Order Number"
      Added "Purchase Order Line"

Outgoing Documents from Purchase Orders
Fixed REF segments to match changes to
      REF X-Ref above.

850 Import
Added option to treat PER segments under N1 segments as part of the N1.
     This is how the 816 processed addresses.  The 850 had always treated them as
     separate pieces of information.  Specifically used to load a PER phone number
     into the ship-to address.

Dispatch Invoice Reprint Exports
Modified reading of Dispatch Invoice Reprint file to correct improper status
     being stored by Syspro.

Added ability to change directory during FTP process when using WS_FTP.

Product Qualifer X-Ref
Added outgoing Custom Forms to Product Qualifier X-ref.

REF Outgoing
Corrected some REF Qualifier options when pulling from Purchase Orders

Custom Forms
Corrected Custom form reading from A/P and P/O forms.

PER Segment
Enhanced PER segment in Address X-Ref.

Added Salesman/Buyer Name and Buyer E-Mail to REF X-ref options.

850 Export
Corrected ITD for A/P terms

850 Export
Corrected error in maintenance screen re:ship-via check

850 Import
Added option to use Ship-To address in EDI document of
          BEG02 = "DS" with a specific A/R address.

XML Import
Correction to XML Shipment parser

EDIREG Missing
Correction of missing EDIREG from 7/18 release

Palm Shipping
Palm shipping updates for faster processing

Menu, Programs, Files
Updated Menu, Program and File installers to use the Custom files if available.

Cosmetic changes to Menu

Released updated UDD file

Modified Cross-Reference setups so detail entry screen positioned above taskbar

856 Export
SLN Updated to allow new options for SLN04 and SLN06

Old References
Removed all references to Award, Impact and Encore from system

850 Import
Added option to store EDi pricing in retail price field

Shipping Station Setup
Modified Station setup for greater control of comment reading and writing

Outgoing Addresses
Added option in outgoing address setup to send the ID number as the name

856 Export
Added option to use PRO number in BSN02

Upgraded program security to include document maintenance

Upgraded security to recognize 6.0 Release 8's new browse security options

Shipping System Comments
Modified how the Shipping system creates comments.

XML Shipment Import
Added additional order status checks to the XML Shipment Import.

856 Outbound Freight
Modified 856 Freight settings to allow pulling freight cost from shipment database.


Since 1991, as developer of the standard EDI, Shipping, and Freight Calculator Solutions for SYSPRO, our products are fully integrated with SYSPRO and drive efficiencies for hundreds of users worldwide.


For 35 years, SYSPRO has had a single product focus resulting in an award-winning ERP system with a track record of success for over 14,000 customers worldwide.