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General: Cadacus download recommendations

7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #205 by JohnMc
Specifically, when is it recommended to install the following Cadacus downloads?

  • EDI Tranlation File
  • Transoft ODBC UDD File
  • Cadacus WCF Service
  • Cacacus Support System
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    7 years 2 months ago #206 by Don
    What criteria do we recommend using for installing these Cadacus downloads:

  • EDI Translation File - It is not normally needed, although it does not hurt to install the latest download; however, DO install this download if the existing translation file is out of date and a new document is needed to setup for EDI that is not in the current translation file.
  • Transoft ODBC UDD File - Install this download if SYSPRO is C-ISAM based and the ODBC programs are used to access the data outside of SYSPRO
  • WCF Service – This download is used with the Cadacus Handheld Solution and is rarely changed and consequently is rarely needed after the initial Handheld installation.
  • Support System – If this is currently being used, then the latest download should be installed.
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