Label Control File - IF THEN ELSE ???

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Have looked through the documentation and so far have not found a direction or solution. Have a ASN lable that needs to print a UPC code if the pack is not mixed and nothing if it is mixed. Using the ALTKEY1 tag for the UPC code. When mixing a pack it generates the data for the first item in the pack. Is there a way to handle this within the label control file?

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Then I had to select the customer so I added this set

Then this is the one I use to print the Mixed label format
[IF] {LBLSEL2} = "M-CAT"
%BTW% /AF="C:\SysproEDI\Labels\CatShipAddrM.btw" /R=4 /P /D="%Trigger File Name%"

I use the above to determine if the Label is a mixed label or not.

Then I determine which customer is and then finally I combine the 2 variables together and use that to then select which label format to print.

I do not know if there has been better functionality added since the time I did this or not but this is how I solved the issue.

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Dear Friends at BTPartners,

I solved this problem. I'm producing MIXED load labels without the UPC codes. Feel free to reach out to me and I can send you a sample of what environment I'm working in and what my solution was. I would be happy to share the knowledge.

I do not use the {1STMIXED} token. I had to rely of on a different method.

Alex Armstrong
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