Document last modified: August 20, 2019

Cadacus WCF Service Download and Installation


Our Cadacus WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Service is based on a Microsoft framework for communicating messages between our Handheld WMS solution and the SYSPRO application server. The Cadacus WCF service "listens" for messages sent from any Handheld WMS solution endpoint, facilitates processing of the messages with the SYSPRO application server, and properly returns the requested response to each endpoint.

This version also features "queued posting", which provides the following benefits:

  • improved performance:  transaction queues provide load leveling to prevent sending applications (handheld devices) from overwhelming the receiving application (SYSPRO) during peak work loads
  • failure isolation:  sending and receiving applications can fail without affecting each other
  • disconnected operations:  in some limited availability networks where mobile devices might move in- and out-of range in a wireless network, message queuing allows connections to drop and be re-established without interrupting the worker's task at hand

Steps for installation:

Requirement:  To use this version of Cadacus WCF Service, the minimum version of Microsoft .NET Framework (4.5.2, or greater) must be installed. Most modern Windows servers manage this requirement without manual intervention; however, if there is a question as to which version is installed, please contact your IT department to verify this minimum version is met.
  1. Click the download button below and save the installation file.  Then navigate to it and run the installation program "as Administrator" (required) on the SYSPRO application server (example below).  Follow the prompts of the installation program.
Cadacus WCF Service
Released : July 23, 2019 
  1. To edit the configuration for this service, Notepad must be "run as administrator", e.g.:

Run Notepad as Administrator

  1. While in Notepad, navigate to the directory where the Cadacus WCF Service was installed, for example:

Edit WCF Configuration

  1. Make the changes in the example below and save it:

Modify WCF Service

  1. Go to Windows Services and "Start" the Cadacus WCF Service


Cadacus WCF Service testing and troubleshooting
  • To verify the Cadacus WCF Service is working properly, go to Testing the WCF Service to test connections to the service.


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