Last Modified:Wednesday, 30 September 2020 17:09
Bartender Direct ActiveX Interface

Note 1: It is no longer advised to use the Bartender Direct ActiveX interface as problems have been reported when printing large quantities of labels and especially when running with newer versions of SYSPRO.  Instead, it is recommended to switch to the Bartender Commander interface documented here because it is generally more user-friendly and easier to use.

Note 2: Only the Enterprise version of Bartender has the OLE Server required to interface with the Labeling system.

To configure a item on a Bartender label to receive information from the labeling system:

1. Setup the item on the "Data Source" tab of the object properties as "Screen Data".
2. Click the "Advanced" tab.
3. Click on "Share/Name".
4. For the "Name" enter the Format Code used by the labeling system.


If there are two objects on the label which require the same information add "#2" (etc.) to the end of the second (or third, etc.) instance of the format code. For Example: if the Ship-To Zip is needed in more then one object, name the first one "SZIP", the second "SZIP#2", the third "SZIP#3", etc.or use the "MARK=" attribute in the long form.

Setup of Label Control File:
The label control file should look as follows...
[FILE] <full workstation based path and name of label file>   Note: Do not use spaces in the path or filename


Label Cross-Reference Direct Bartender Specification:
Instead of using a label control file, you may enter the workstation path to the Bartender label file in the label cross-reference.  Indicate Bartender as the "Label File Type".  A label control file is not required and the options below are not available in this configuration.


Options when using label control file:
"VISIBLE" will show the Bartender label during printing.
"STATUS" will enable the Bartender status box during printing.
"DIALOG" will enable the Bartender print dialog box before printing.
"CLIPBOARD" will export an image of the label to the clipboard instead of printing it.


Entering a filename after the [BARTENDER] will export an BMP image of the label to the specified filename instead of printing it. The filename must end in ".bmp".


Multiple of "VISIBLE", "STATUS", and "DIALOG" options may be specified by using more then one [BARTENDER] command in the file with one option per line. These options are not compatible with the CLIPBOARD or exporting to a bitmap options.


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