Last Modified:Sunday, 20 September 2020 10:25

EDIAVY - Address Validation Query

The address validation object will take an address or a sales order and call the Fedex address validation webservice.  A score will be returned signifying an accuracy rating of 0 - 100 along with if the address is residential or not and a suggested address.

There are two forms of input.  One provides the entire address and the other a sales order to check.  If you are checking a sales order, the"Address Validatio" tab in the Shipping/Handheld setup must be filled in with a ship-to address codes in order for the routine to parse the address.

The Cadacus SFS Support Setup must be installed on the server.

Note: Please note the access to the webservice speed various with many factors. Do not be alarmed if the business object takes several seconds to return.

XML Parameter format if providing full address :

  <AddressLine1>24444 Eilat Street</AddressLine1>
  <City>Woodland Hills</City>

XML Parameter format if providing sales order :


XML  Output

    <AddressLine1>24444 Eilat St</AddressLine1>
    <City>Woodland Hills</City>


  • The closer the score value to 100, the better the accuracy of the results.
  • The residential value is not 100% accurate.


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