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Last Modified:Monday, 19 October 2020 16:48

Current Release :  July 30, 2020

Please use the link  below to download the latest Solutions for SYSPRO Handheld WMS release.

Latest Handheld Solution


IMPORTANT: This Handheld WMS release (April 10, 2018) includes changes to licensing and requires a new license which should already have been received.
  • For details, or if the new licenses have not already been received, please go here.
  • To install the new Handheld WMS on an Android device, launch a browser on the device, go to the Google Play Store, and search for Cadacus (or click here to go there now).

The above download package contains the following parts, as described in detail in our Handheld WMS Solution Installation Guide (under Support--> Documentation, or click here).  

  1. a set of folders containing files and programs used in the installation and ongoing support associated with the Handheld WMS solution;  stored on the application server (recommended).
  2. the installation executable (found in the "Setup" folder) for the "Installation Support" of various handheld scanner devices.  When a handheld device is tethered to a workstation (USB or docking cradle), this program is used to simplify the installation of the Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Handheld WMS solution on various devices based on the handheld type and its corresponding operating system.  Note:  if the Installation Support program is unable to install to the specific scanner device for some reason, the necessary files may be downloaded directly from a browser on the device itself-- for details, go to http://sfshh.com.
  3. the installation executable (SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi) found in the "Setup" folder for the SQL Server Compact Edition for Windows computers, only (server or desktop, for example) and should be installed before the "Handheld WMS on Windows" application installation below. 
  4. the installation executable (found in the "Setup" folder) for the "Handheld WMS on Windows" computers.  "Handheld on Windows" is a desktop version of the same application software run on handheld scanner devices and can be used for testing, training, and/or troubleshooting.  It is compatible with Windows XP and above.  Click here for general troubleshooting steps for handheld devices.  

NOTE:  for details of Handheld license usage count, go here.


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