Last Modified:Wednesday, 30 September 2020 18:39

Special Label Tokens

The following are special label tokens that can be used within the label control file.  These perform an action within the system and do not produce any output.

Note: The following tokens are only available in the labeling system in releases after 1/30/2013

The <SKIP> token

The skip token informs the label system to not output the line the token is on to the printer or output file.

The <CONTINUE> token

The continue token informs the label system to continue processing the next line in the label control file before outputing the information.

The <INDEX> Token

The index token sets/increments the default sub-index value for tokens that use a subindex.


Below is an example of the <SKIP>, <CONTINUE> and <INDEX> statements and the equivalent statement without them.


is equivalent to



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