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EDIGCU - Shipment Status Update Business Object

This business object will update the status of a shipment.

Type - Transaction, Post


 Elements  Examples   Notes
UpdateStatus  UpdateStatus 

 Root element.

System Shipment

Contains the value of one of four visual systems to which the ID number corresponds:

  1. Shipment
  2. Receiver
  3. Take
  4. JobIssues
Status Handheld

Contains one of the following in the Status Value column:

Status Value

Internal Status Code

Handheld H
Saved S
Waiting W
Cancelled C
Released R
Open I
Pending P
Problem X
Fedex F
Split L
CustomStatus  A If the "Status" element is set to "Custom", then this element contains a user-defined character different than those shown in the above Internal Status Codes column
ID 000004520 Contains the ID number of the visual system (e.g., Shipment, Take, etc.)

 Sample XMLParameter:



No XMLIn elements used, so the XMLIn information can be as follows:

<UpdateStatus />


  • Multiple <Item> loops are not supported at this time, but multiple <ID> elements are supported.  For example, the following would update the status for all three ID numbers:



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