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Handheld Solution License Plating

Cadacus Handheld Solution for SYSPRO  includes a "License Plating" capability. The general idea behind license plating is to allow virtually unlimited grouping of products and stock at any level, from the individual item to a truckload of pallets, and to transfer or query the contents of the "license plate", which is analogous to using metal plates on a vehicle to identify and administer everything about the vehicle.

The license plating system has been developed in the field for existing customers who are using it in production environments today. It has become a standard part of the Handheld Solution. Enhancements are being added to the handheld solution and the license plating on an ongoing basis.

License Plating menu

There are no defined requirements or limits of license plates being on other license plates. An item could be license plated and put in a carton with a license plate and the carton put on a pallet with a license plate, and so on. It is also possible to just have pallets with a license plate with stock on them. License plates can hold a mix of stock and other license plates.

It is generally recommended to create the license plate at the time of job receipts. If the license plate is created at that time then the inventory is also created via the job receipt. If it is desired to create license plates other than at the time of the job receipt, there are modules to create plates, add stock to plates and plates to other plates, etc. All of these assume the stock already exists.

 Key Benefits

·  Once license plates are created, bin and warehouse transfers may easily be done via the license plating process, if desired

·  The Shipping Solution is integrated for using license plates

·  Labels may be printed at the time of license plate creation (via job or otherwise) and may be reprinted, as needed

·  Handheld operators may readily query a license plate to view it contents


For a video overview of License Plating, go here.


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