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Token Attributes

Each token can be enhanced/modified with one or more of the following attributes:

  • Case - Force the token to upper or lower case

  • Fill - Set numbers to be zero filled

  • Index - Used to specify which information to use for indexed fields

  • Length - Used to specify the length of the outputted information

  • Marker - Used with the CFF code to indicate the line number and with Bartender ActiveX interface when the same field is required more than once.

  • Starting Position - Used to ignore the beginning of the information

  • Trim - Trim spaces from left or right

  • Right - Take characters starting at the end

  • Format - Format a date

Some of the attributes can be added to the end of the field name by using a specific separator character.

The length is specified by adding a ":" and the desired field length.
For example <CODE:12> will only output the first 12 characters of the stock code.

If you wish numbers to be zero filled, place a "Z" before the length number.
For example <SHIPMENT:Z6> will display the shipment number 6 digits long with leading zeros.
See also the "FILL" attribute below.

The index is specified for those fields that have one by following the code with a "/" and then the index number. For example <CODE/2> will output the 2nd stock code.

The starting position is indicated by using a "~" and then the number of the character to start at.
For example <PRO~3> would start output with the third character of the PRO Number.
Note: The first character is 1

Also available is a longer, but more readable form is to place one or more the the following attribute codes within parenthesis after the token name as follows <CODE(ATTRIBUTES)>.

To set the index use INDEX={index number} (Alternative to "/")

To set the maximum length use LENGTH={length} (Alternative to ":")

To set the starting position use START={starting characters} (Alternative to "~")

To indicate the item line number for the CFF token or force a unique token for Bartender use MARK={number} or #{Number}

For space trimming add TRIM=ALL, TRIM=LEFT or TRIM=RIGHT

For zero (or other) fill use FILL=0 (Can actually be any fill character)

To force the case to upper or lower use CASE={U or L}

To take information from the end use RIGHT={length}

Only the necessary modifiers are required the others can be left out and order is not important.

For Example:

Date Formatting:

  •   D - zero suppressed day of mth  with 'st', 'nd', 'rd', 'th'
  •  d - zero suppressed day of mth
  •  dd - 2 digit day of month
  •  ddd - Mon, Tue, Wed etc.
  •  dddd - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...
  •  M - zero suppressed month no
  •  MM - 2 digit month no
  •  MMM - Jan, Feb, Mar
  •  MMMM - January, February...
  •  y - Last 1 digit of year
  •  yy - 2 digit year (98, 99, 00)
  •  yyy - Last 3 digits of year
  •  yyyy - 4 digit year 1999, 2000
  •  / - Character 'as is'
  •  - - Character 'as is'
  •  Space- Character 'as is'
  •  'text' text in quotes

ORDERDATE(FORMAT=dd MMM yyyy) gives 08 Jul 2015
FDATE(FORMAT=dddd d MMMM yyyy) gives Tuesday 8 July 2015

Numeric Value Tokens

Any number within <> is a numeric value token. The value of the number will be multiplied by the value of the [MULT] command.

Variables may also be used within the numeric value token to modify the value. However, the value must always start with a number and only one operation is allowed.

<10> - Will be replaced with 10 times the value of [MULT]
<10+H> - Will be replaced with 10 plus the value of the variable "H"

Command Token Replacement

Any question marks "?" will be replaced with the station code

<FILE> = File specified in [FILE] command ([FILE] command must precede command in which token is used.
<PATH> = Server Label File path specified in Shipping System Setup
<WPATH> = Workstation Label File path specified in Shipping System Setup
(or Server path if workstation path blank)

Any other token may also be used


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