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 RawPrint Utility

The RawPrint utility allows a label file generated from the labeling system to be placing into a windows print queue, bypassing the standard printer drivers.  This is similar to the [QUEUE] command described above.  The use of RawPrint in the  label control file would be on the [COMMAND] line as follows;

[COMMAND] RawPrint "Windows Queue Name" "File To Print"

It is easiest to place the RawPrint.exe in the \Windows\System32 directory of the workstation so the system will find it.  Otherwise add the drive and path to the command.  The "Windows Queue Name" is the queue name on the WORKSTATION for the printer.  It must be exactly correct and placed in quotes.  The "File To Print" is the name of the file created by the [FILE] command as seen by the workstation.  If the SERVER option is used on the [COMMAND] line, then the queue name and file name must be on the server.

Download ZIP file with RawPrint.exe


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