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What are the options for creating shipping labels and BOL's?

6 years 1 month ago #403 by JohnMc
Labels can be produced in both the Shipping solution and the Handheld solution-- what are the options for creating shipping labels, BOL's, and ASN's?

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6 years 1 month ago #404 by Don Schuster
We have two methods for handling the creation of shipping labels and BOL's. The first is the SYSPRO based Shipping Solution and the second is our Handheld Solution. Both solutions can process an order, collect carton and pallet information, produce customer labels, and generate a BOL. Both solutions store the shipment information in the SYSPRO database in tables and the EDI ASN export knows how to read those tables to produce the required ASN's.

The SYSPRO based solution is great if all the cartons/pallets pass by fixed locations where a SYSPRO workstation can be set to collect the required information and produce the labels.

The Handheld solution is great if you need a more portable solution and/or wish to use the other warehousing functions the handheld solution can provide (receiving, transfer, stock take, WIP, etc.).

Of course the two solutions can work side by side where both mechanisms are desirable for different shipping methods. For example, we have customers who use the SYSPRO based shipping for small packages to take advantage of the Fedex/UPS/USPS labeling and scale interfaces and then use the handheld solution for larger palletized shipments. Of course, both solutions can do both types of shipments.

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