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Last Modified:Wednesday, 28 October 2020 01:34

UPS Web Services Registration / Keys



 If not already registered at the UPS site, register here.

Obtain keys

To enable UPS Web Services for Cadacus Solutions, a UPS Access Key and a UPS Production Key must be obtained as follows:

1. Login to My UPS after completing the registration.

2. Go to Technology Support-->Developer Resource Center-->UPS Developer Kit-->Request an access key:


3. Complete the requested information and click "Request Access Key":

Note:  the access key will be used, along with the UPS Account Number, Account ID, and Account Password to obtain UPS Web Services testing, so please save the Access Key in a safe place at this point:

4. After testing, to obtain a Production key, go to Support-->Technology Support-->Developer Resource Center-->UPS Developer Kit-->Manage Access Keys:


5. Now enter your UPS Access Key (obtained from steps above) and click "Request Production Access":



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